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Leonardo Borgese is a multifaceted Milanese artist and with multiple facets, which can be found in his artistic representations.


Graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, Leonardo Borgese became a master of art in scenography and in 1995 he began his artistic career.
Experimentation runs through all of his art. He uses various techniques, including drawing, painting, sculpture and installations; the curiosity and the deep knowledge of different materials lead him to become a professional in the field of special effects and in the creation of temporary tatoos.
In addition, he engages in the art of body painting and becomes world champion in the Special make-up category at the World bodypainting Festival 2016.

Leonardo Borgese at the Motor Show di torino

Artistic performance for Suzuki at the Turin International Motor Show - 2018

For over twenty years Leonardo has been working on television, theatrical, cinematographic, photographic and advertising sets and participates in all kinds of artistic events, both in Italy and abroad; moreover, he collaborates with the most important production houses and advertising agencies in Italy and boasts internationally renowned clients.

Leonardo Borgese divides himself between the life of an artist and that of a teacher : for 20 years he has been teaching special effects and for 10 drawing and body painting at the European school of make-up BCM Beauty Center of Milan; moreover, since 2019 he has been teaching body painting and airbrushing at the Liliana Paduano Training Academy in Naples.


Art is continuous research, assimilation of past experiences, addition of new experiences, in form, content, material, technique, means.

Bruno Munari

For Leonardo Borgese art is a constant search for stimuli and opportunities to bring out one's natural talent. To do this, he is not afraid to get involved with different forms, techniques and materials . In the BorgeseIdea Collections, art expresses one of the artist's greatest passions: cars , of the past and present. The idea stems from the need to satisfy those who, like Leonardo Borgese, see in the car an object that goes beyond the object, whose value is not merely economic, but becomes emotional, linked to a sense of belonging.

 Borgeseidea Tuning Your Life

Leonardo Borgese's passion for shapes becomes in the BorgeseIdea Collections passion for the shapes of cars, reproduced in everyday objects, such as key rings and bottle openers.
The exclusivity of each individual BorgeseIdea object is born:
  • with a unique style , given by the hand of Leonardo, who draws every detail;
  • from the craftsmanship and the expert hands of the people who transform the precious material into a collector's item;
  • from the guarantee of Made in Italy ;
  • from the passion and the nostalgic sense of those who choose to buy BorgeseIdea objects.


All BorgeseIdea objects are made only with quality materials .
The use of 3 mm thick stainless steel, the cut laser, hand finishing and polishing, define key rings and bottle openers that become real collector's items .