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Foto con tagli laser borgeseidea
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A precious open-open designed by Leonardo Borgese.

A refined jewel handcrafted in Italy with passion and skills, using surgical steel, laser cutting aside Aside and the mirror polishing performed by hand make it unique and exclusive, to be proudly showed.

Each key ring is a small sculpture, unique, precious and Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed in the original.

The attention to detail and the particular attention to the processing phases make this precious object unique and exclusive. BR Data-Mce-Fragment = "1"> The Borgese BOTTLE OPENERabottiglia is a tribute to all car enthusiasts who can proudly show off on all occasions. MCE-FRAGEMENT = "1">

  • Material: AISI 430 stainless steel.
  • Size: 113mm
  • thickness: 3 millimeters
  • Perfect as a gift.
  • Easy to use.
  • not suitable for children.
  • Scala 1/43
All the creations of Leonardo Borgese are proudly made in Italy, made only with precious materials, with precision and creativity, dedicating particular attention to the processing phases, making itself the spokesperson for the famous Italian artisan skill that creates them with passion and ability.

Each object is produced by us and handmade , this means that each individual specimen has small differences that make it unique e Even more exclusive .
All objects are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity signed in original by Leonardo Borgese.

  • Each Bottle Open Is a Small Sculpture, Unique, Preacious and Accompanied by an original Signed Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Jeder Flaschenöffner Ist Eine Kleine Skulptur, Einzigartig, Kostbar und Begleitt von Einem Signiernten-Echtheitszertifikat.
  • chaque décapsuleur est una petite sculpture, unique, précieuse et accompanée of a certificat of authentiche original Signé.
  • ABRABOTLANS ES A Pequeña Escultura, única, Preciosa y Aomparañada de a Certificado de authenticidad Original signed.